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Early in my career, I received a gift.

This gift was completely unexpected and it made a life long impact on me.

I felt so special that someone at work took the time to honor one of my early work anniversary's.

I untied the white ribbon and slowly opened the lid.  Inside was a beautiful silver compass.

I am not sure if this person realized the full impact of this gift on me... but his kind and generous gift started me on a path to more fully understanding, celebrating, and embracing my personal strengths!

The compass symbolized the strengths behind my constant drive for meaning, purpose, and direction.


When Achiever, Command, and Relator strengths are combined I feel myself naturally step into leadership roles with a strong drive to connect and communicate.

The Command strength has me push through change and conflict, while challenging others and asking people to move into action in order to achieve goals.

Learner drives me to constantly soak up new information and develop ways to share, inspire, and organize and present information to make the complex more simple.

Focus gives me clarity, direction, follow through, and the ability to stay on track.  

These strengths together all drive me to set goals, determine project priorities, focus on tasks, while continually learning and developing solutions to achieve business and personal success.

It turns out that my personal strength compass guides me every single day!  


My educational background includes a Chemical Engineering bachelors from Virginia Tech and a Masters in Environmental Management (Valedictorian), from Illinois Institute of Technology's MBA Program.

I have been working as an Environmental Professional for over 15 years providing business expertise on complex multimedia EHS issues and sustainable practices.

I am highly organized, motivated, and focused on delivering effective communication and creatively identifying opportunities for EHS and Sustainability initiatives.


Environmental Consulting and Resume Polishing & Job Search Coaching.

I am passionate about working together towards compliance solutions, navigating EPA regulations, and supporting the full range of sustainability reporting and metrics development.

In addition, it is always an honor when people trust me with their resumes.  It isn't easy handing a resume or job search over to someone to critique, edit, and polish.  I love working together as a team to build your personal brand and help you gain even more job search momentum.


I would love to connect with you and I encourage you to send me an email judiwfox@gmail.com or a LinkedIn connection request.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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